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Graduate / Student Job Placement

With clients reaching across Africa, Talent Window Africa sources graduates from leading Higher Education & Training Institutions with shared value systems & skill sets, in line with and set against pre-determined specifications. Factors that are taken in to consideration are: -          Culture, cultural / job fit -          Personality profile -          Academic and EQ profile -          Job specification -          Frame of reference, expectations & future vision We pride ourselves in offering a unique service specialising in assessments, targeted selection & workplace preparation set against set specifications. We secure quality graduates, meeting set requirements. Talent Window Africa (TWA) provides a platform to the young under- or post-graduate student to upload and showcase personal, academic and profiled personality related data matched against pre-loaded job profiles to prospective employers. This web-based system is easy to access and is user friendly as it provides employers a “shop window” of potential graduates to select from. We are dedicated to assist our unemployed youth from a community upliftment & social responsibility perspective. Web based graduate showcase for targeted placements