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Career Guidance & Counselling

  • Considering subject choices?
  • What & where to study?
  • Interested in experiencing the ‘world-of-work’?
  • Which career field would best suit you?
  • Understanding yourself?
  • How to go about selecting a suitable Institution?
We assists school going youth and young adults with making appropriate subject, Institutional and career choices based on the candidate’s profile, family’s financial means, ability, interests and exposure gained through experiential placements by offering a personalised, holistic service. We provide holistic assessment and interview batteries which categorise a school going youth into one or two broad career categories (e.g., Arts, Science, Business, Engineering, etc.) These youths are provided with information on a broad range of prospective jobs or career options in a selected category including, among others, entrepreneurial and professional pursuits. Talent Window Africa additionally provides youth access to the workplace through focused experiential learning placements with an optional mentorship and coaching programme that could last for the duration of the youth’s decision making period and/or eventual study period. The experience of such placement from the perspective of the youth and the host organisation would be carefully captured. Talent Window Africa further provides guidance regarding which Colleges, Universities, other registered Institutions or Employers may provide the best solution based on a feasibility study which will include aspects such as affordability and personal goal orientation. Assistance is given with regards to the registration process as well as subject choices. Further support may be provided to the student through summer and winter schools in various formats such as workshops on tertiary study methods, thinking skills and personal master

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