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Skills Audits

  TWA provides a modern skills audit service commonly used to identify the skill gaps in organisations. The outcome is a training needs analysis, which identifies areas where training is needed. The skills and knowledge (competence) that employees need to have should be defined in their job profiles and summarised in a job profile matrix (also known as a competency matrix or skills matrix). TWA’s skills audits result in:

  • An understanding of the skills required and gaps the organisation currently has.
  • A targeted analysis of development needs.
  • A listing of people who need development.
  • Data that can be used for purposes such as internal selection.
  • Information that can be used for dynamic succession planning.
    When implementing skills audit Talent Window Africa adopts a collaborative approach. This ensures that the capacity to conduct skills audits in the future is developed within the client’s organization. Thus we are completely transparent in the development of the competency profiles and training needs analysis material, and actively involve the client in the development process. We work in collaboration with all relevant stakeholders in the implementation of the audit, and we consult widely with them in compiling our training recommendations. Talent Window Africa adopts a step-by-step methodology in implementing skills audits. This methodology ensures the involvement of the client in each step in the process, allowing for client approval and sign-off per step.

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