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Study skills

Understanding you you're 'wired'

Our brain is made up of two hemispheres, the left and the right and both work in different ways. Our left brain hemisphere is more logical and is used for reasoning, understanding language and calculations. Your right side is more creative and looks at shapes, patterns, colours, sizes, images and sounds. To get the most out of your brain, you should try to use study skills that allow you to utilise both sizes of the brain. You can do this by using all your senses and different reminders (shapes, colours, images).when you are studying. In this way you are getting the most out of your brain. Workshops are offered in:
  • Reading and comprehension methods
  • Consolidating notes and getting organised
  • Memory skills
  • Motivation and self-management
A minimum group of 15 is required per workshop and t&c's apply.

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