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As a Corporate - Sit in the comfort of your office and browse through thousands of student profiles matched against your specifications and obtain a perfect match. It's cost effective, scientific and due to the matching technology, a sure return on investment! As a Student - Upload your profile and get noticed by thousands of Corporates looking for young professional employees! Say who you'd like to work for and see which Companies out there match your needs.  

Why should I believe what you have to say?

In today's competitive world it's critical to make use of technology, partnerships and taking advantage of avenues to give you and your company a competitive edge. Talent Window Africa is the conduit. Have a look at the testimonials! They speak for themselves.

Why should I do anything about what you offering?

If you don't look at what's available or what's out there, you'll never know, find the right fit or reach your full potential.

Why should I act now?

Thousands of companies and students are finding each other as you're reading this. You one of them?